A major bank needed us to clear a whole building in eight days. We were told the night before to commence the next day. And that’s when our challenges really started...

We were asked to clear a whole building in eight days. And that would be absolutely everything – furniture, carpet tiles, blinds, fittings etc.

The extremely short notice (12 hours) gave us plenty of challenges from the outset. But then things got trickier…

All the carpet tiles were stuck down. So we had to quickly source specialist equipment to remove these.

All the contents were being recycled. So we had to get the correct types/number of skips, and then turn them around super-fast.

Oh, and the building was huge…

But we comfortably beat the deadline.

Mainly because of two things. One, our phenomenal team, who rose to the challenge. Plus also we’ve spent years developing strong relationships with speciality contractors. This meant we could call on them straight away (there’s every chance we could’ve been refused help if we’d been approaching them for the first time).

So we cleared the building on time, and gave the keys back to the now-very-happy landlord.

This clearance was one of the first we did for this customer. Needless to say, we’ve done loads more for them since!


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