Moving AV equipment process

Traditional BMG Extras AV equipment audit – what have you got and where is it going? A consultation about current and future needs so we have a clear understanding of your tech requirements Use antistatic wraps for screens and transport in hard cases. Equipment can be GPS-tracked if necessary Items not needed in the new location can be refurbished, sold or donated. Nothing goes to landfill Ease of use is our principal consideration. We set up equipment to bespoke requirements and use systems that are intuitive to operate We test all systems to ensure they are operational and connected. This includes AV walls, video conferencing equipment and in-table connectivity. All cables are grouped, tied and hidden In the modern workplace, the smallest digital hiccup can cause a big loss in productivity. We’ll ensure that your AV equipment is moved safely and on time, so you can focus on our business without worrying about your technology. Unplug everything Pack it Move it Set-up in the new location Leave the premises Lorem ipsum

For more information on how we handle IT and AV equipment moves, read our blog about IT removals as part of an office move.

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