When you want to...

Move because you've outgrown your current office
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You need: Everyone excited. Nobody stressed. And your internal moving teams - who won't have much experience of moving a business, and who have full-time roles on top of trying to manage a move - being helped every step of the way

Move your team(s) from one of your buildings to another

You need: Your move to go faster, better, easier and less stressful than the last one!

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Move your team(s) within one of your current buildings

You need: Whether you’re moving a few people or a whole project team, you need careful, thorough planning - including answering some of our questions you hadn’t even thought of! - so it's super-easy and super-quick

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You need: Your business to work even better than it does now - only smaller. So, what to remove, reduce or re-position? How to keep what’s good, and remove what no longer works for you

Refurbish your existing building

You need: Your new working environment to be much better than your current one – with everything set-up to maximise everyone’s productivity and enjoyment at work

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