The move process – the BMG way

It audit – what have you got? And where is it going?Unplug itPack itMove itCables strewn everywhere?Personal audits – we ask every employee what they want in their new IT set-up. Left / right handed? Monitor position?Clean it. Wipe your screens. Air-jet your keyboardsUse antistatic wraps and place in hard cases or GPS-tracked flight casesGPS-tracked vehiclesSet-up is tailored to every employees’ personal auditCables are grounded, tied and hidden – no Spaghetti Junction!Ensure everything works (ping test). If it doesn’t, work with your IT department until it doesTraditionalBMG Extras

For further information about IT moves, read our blog about why IT removals are so important (and how we support the process), and our step-by-step guide to relocating your servers.

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