Business Moves Group has worked with Allianz since 2013 on numerous workplace change and furniture management projects.

We recently supported Allianz with an office clearance in Birmingham. The firm wanted to adapt some of its conventional office space in Hill Street to meet the needs of its new hybrid working model. 

The key objective of the project was to avoid sending any items to landfill. Chairs and tables were refurbished and given to local start-ups, while other furniture, white goods and televisions were donated to local schools through Business2Schools.

All power packs and other modular items were repurposed and sent to be used at other Allianz offices.

We provided a full report after the project to detail exactly where every item went and the life cycle of any materials that were recycled. This helps Allianz to meet its ESG goals as well as support the local community.

Watch the video below for a recap of the project and read more about our work with Allianz.

Do you need support with an office relocation or furniture management project in Birmingham or the Midlands? Visit our office moves Midlands page to see the services we offer and your local BMG contact.


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