Storage process – traditional vs BMG

You receive confirmation when your items will be collectedTraditionalBMG ExtrasYou inform us what you have in store (or complete an inventory)Items are collected and go into storage. They are returned when you request themWe do a deep-dive furniture audit to find out what you have and what you need. We establish storage quantities, and add unique numbers to each item for easy tracking and retrievalWe develop online inventory for you (if you want). Or we send you regular, up-to-date inventory documents. You request the item you want, and we deliver it to you

For some real-life examples of this process in action, read this blog about sustainable and cost-effective removals and storage. You can also read in more detail about our crate moving and storage services.

We have storage facilities across the UK and can provide storage as part of a wider workplace change or relocation project.

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