West Midlands Trains (WMT) operates passenger trains on the West Midlands franchise between London and the Midlands, calling at 178 stations including major hubs in London and Birmingham.

Project outline

In April 2023, WMT approached Business Moves Group (BMG) for a quote, outlining its plans to refurbish its Birmingham city office. WMT approached BMG following a recommendation from Anthony Collins, who was familiar with BMG's reputation for efficient and reliable office relocation services.

Stuart Thorley promptly responded to the inquiry and scheduled a survey. The project involved the 2nd and 3rd floors of an office building and was segmented into four phases. This included dismantle, packing, loading, storing furniture and, finally, redelivering and assembling.

Planning and Strategy

BMG crates stacked up in the West Midlands Trains officeThe project unfolded as a meticulously planned 36-week rolling programme, with each phase allocated a span of nine weeks. Phase one involved emptying half of the first floor and back storage, while Phase two focused on reinstalling the other half into storage. Phases three and four mirrored this process on the second floor.

Stuart Thorley personally attended the site on the first day of each phase to ensure seamless execution and was involved throughout to make sure the project stayed on track. The only hiccup encountered was a malfunctioning lift, prompting the team to use the stairs—a situation well handled by our trained staff.


The outcome of BMG's collaboration with West Midlands Trains was a happy client and a successful project, that met the stipulated timeline with minimal disruption to the client's business operations.

BMG offered a cost-effective solution by leveraging superior resources and communication through its dedicated account manager. A competing quote from another provider was double the price and resource commitment, underscoring the value BMG brought to the table.

BMG has one of its regional offices in the Midlands, which combined with a nationwide storage and technical distribution system, meant that the project had a low carbon footprint as BMG vehicles, team members and resources were all local.

Client Testimonial

"BMG is putting up with all my demands and is making this project so much easier for me. I look forward to working with them again in October. Special shout-out to Stuart Thorley for all your constant support." – Hannah Todd, office manager at West Midlands Trains.

Office refurbishment support

BMG can help with all aspects of an office relocation, from removals and storage through to sustainable furniture management. To discuss how we can support your business, check our location page and contact your nearest regional office or submit a quote enquiry online.


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