Our recent roundtable discussion at the Roseate Hotel, Reading was nothing short of inspiring! The energy and insights shared made our "From Space to Strategy" event a remarkable success. Here’s a recap of the conversations we had:

Future planning for workspaces

  • Vision for 3-5 years: We explored the future of adaptable and innovative workspaces, aligned with emerging trends and evolving employee needs.
  • Short-term focus: Practical perspectives on immediate workspace planning were discussed to ensure client needs are met in the next 12 months.
  • Environment creation: Emphasis was placed on creating environments that foster collaboration, creativity, and comfort, enhancing the overall workplace experience.

Sustainability and net zero

  • Green goals: The importance of integrating sustainability into workspace planning was highlighted, addressing the balance between financial considerations and green initiatives.
  • Financial feasibility: Despite minimal price differences, sustainable options are often overlooked. We brainstormed strategies to make sustainability more accessible and appealing.
  • Collaborative efforts: The need for a collective push towards net zero was underscored, advocating for innovative solutions and widespread collaboration across the supply chain.

Psychology in the workplace

  • Understanding diverse needs: Different generations and genders value various aspects of the workplace. Flexibility is crucial, especially for those balancing work with daycare responsibilities.
  • Why the office: A pivotal question emerged—why do people need to be in the office? The consensus: offices should offer essential facilities and a sense of community that remote work cannot replicate.
  • Retention and diversity: Strategies to retain a diverse and talented workforce were discussed, especially in traditionally male-dominated fields like construction.


  • Office vs. home: We delved into the nuances of productivity in the office versus working from home. Measuring productivity accurately remains a challenge but is essential for optimising work environments.
  • Attraction strategies: Attractive workspaces and collaborative environments play a crucial role in drawing people back to the office. Surprisingly, food emerged as a key strategy, along with considerations of commute and financial incentives.

Additional insights

  • Health and safety: The importance of maintaining high health and safety standards in the workplace was stressed, ensuring a secure and comfortable environment for all employees.
  • Sharing knowledge: The commitment to sharing insights and fostering open communication was evident, underscoring the value of collective learning and growth.

A huge thank you to all the incredible participants who joined our "From Space to Strategy" roundtable. Your insightful contributions and lively discussions made the event a resounding success. We look forward to continuing this inspiring journey together and shaping the future of workspaces.

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