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We partnered with one of the most successful construction and property services companies in the country. Its core services include construction, design, services engineering, facilities management, property development and energy.

A secondary school in Sunderland

Our first project was a secondary school in Sunderland that has around 1,000 pupils. In 2018, our client completed work on a new building and required assistance in relocating staff and equipment. We successfully tendered for the work in September 2018 and had no time to waste in getting to work.

The move needed to be delivered over the Christmas period in 2018 so that the new building could be fully occupied at the start of the January term. We quickly integrated into the client and school project teams, regularly attended project meetings and made frequent presentations to the client and school staff to keep everyone fully informed.

The move itself was delivered primarily in the week between Christmas and New Year. A team of 15 moved more than 2,500 crates, which includes a lot of specialist equipment for art, music, design, tech and PE. A lot of legacy furniture was also relocated.

Despite the size of the school and the short timeframe, the move was completed without a hitch and the new building was ready for the start of the new term.

A secondary school and Sixth Form College in Hartlepool

Following the success of the Sunderland school relocation, the client partnered with us for three more school relocations over the course of 2019.

First was a secondary school and Sixth Form College in Hartlepool. `We signed off on the project in February for a summer move, which meant another quick turnaround for arguably an even bigger project – the school has around 1,600 pupils and the new building was three storeys.

We moved over 3,000 crates in total and a high number of legacy and specialist items. The school has large art and science departments which meant careful transportation for chemicals and art supplies was essential. The project was delivered over a 12-day period within the allocated timeframe and forecasted costs.

Hartlepool and Newcastle

We then supported another move to a new build in Hartlepool in October 2019. The college hosts around 1,200 pupils and had a lot of chemicals to transport as it is a specialist science college.

Finally, we ended the year as it had started – with a Christmas relocation, this time for a 1,600-pupil school in Newcastle. Both moves were completed in time and under budget, capping a very successful year for us and our client.

Key stats

- 1 year

- 4 school relocations

- 5,400 pupils

- 12,000 crates

- 350 roll cages

- All completed on time and under budget

Relocation specialists

We are relocation specialists with a proven track record of delivering school and college relocations within tight timeframes and under budget. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your school relocation.


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