As a business grows, so does the amount of office space it requires. However, many businesses are looking to downsize in the aftermath of the pandemic. This could see more businesses than usual looking to relocate in the coming years.

Whatever the reasons behind a relocation, moving offices can be just as stressful as moving house with all the considerations of equipment, furniture, servers and more. That is why office relocation specialists exist!

Using an office relocation company is the best way to take stress off of your team and ensure your move to your new space is efficient and professional, setting you and your team up for success in no time. This blog will look at all the aspects of office relocation services, and what to consider when choosing your office relocation company.

What to look for in an office relocation company

One of the first things to consider when picking an office relocation specialist is reputation. A company that has great recommendations and case studies on its website is a great place to start. You should also check public reviews of their services in places like Google.

You want a service provider that has clearly demonstrated that they can deliver an excellent service. Some providers will likely have more expertise than others, so looking at reviews will help you to identify which of the available providers is the right fit for you.

An employee packs up their office belongings

Another important aspect you need to consider is budget. Make sure to gather a few quotes from different companies so you can compare price points to the different services they can offer you.

When looking at the different aspects of office relocation services, you will need to ensure you choose a specialist that has all the services you need. For example, if you are moving a long distance, does your chosen specialist have a national network that they can utilise? If you need to place some items into short term storage, does your provider offer that service too or will you need to outsource? Once you have an understanding of exactly how much of each service you need, then narrowing your choices will become easier.

It is also vital to consider the non-tangible aspects of your office relocation. Moving large amounts of office furniture is part of it, but you need to also consider the technology within your organisation and how that will move with you.

Relocating your IT servers, for example, is a crucial part of any office relocation. Doing this efficiently and safely will help to minimise business down time and ensure the digital security of the business is assured. As most businesses will operate through some form of digital platform, this should a high priority when choosing an office relocation consultant.

Project managing your office relocation

Now you have a clear idea of the services your business is going to require to conduct your relocation, you now need to think about the management of the move, and what it is going to require on top of services.

One of the first steps is setting up communication channels between all the appropriate people. Putting together an office move team and assigning a project manager will enable you to have a better organised approach to the move. Getting into contact with your current landlord and informing them of your leaving date with plenty of time will also help to keep things less stressful the nearer you get to your date.

It is also essential to set up your time frames in advance, so you have a manageable schedule. By doing this, you will be able to manage your time more effectively and avoid lengthy downtime. Keeping up communications with your employees may be the most important aspect of all. Ensuring they are fully aware of expectations of them during the process and how the timeline is developing will help your business to relocate more smoothly.

Additionally, giving employees a say in the arrangements of the new office space will aid with their engagement of the move. For example, running individual audits so an employee’s personal needs can be met in the new space will minimise downtime and help employees feel at home in their new space.

Two Business Moves Group trucks parked outside an office building

As you get closer to the move day, it’s time to consider your furniture. Designing your new office space will help your team to visualise what pieces you can put where, what pieces you no longer want or need, and what you need instead. You’ll also have to determine if any pieces require specialist help to move them securely or safely. This is where involving a relocation consultant will be beneficial to the businesses productivity and planning of the move.

Within this, it’s important to make sure that your environmental and social values align with the relocation specialist that you choose to work with. Choosing an office relocation consultant that has environmental principles that encompass their work should be important. For example, working with a partner that has an effective waste management system to ensure all furniture or other items can be donated, recycled, or repurposed before they are immediately sent to landfill. Including this within your project management of your office relocation will help to demonstrate further that your business is committed to these values through all aspects of its existence.

Planning your company relocation to a new office? We can help!

Here at BMG, we pride ourselves in the way we conduct our relocation services for our clients. We are able to tailor our skills and services around the needs of the client and their wishes, making the process unique to them each time. Our office relocation case study for a major food brand in the UK demonstrates all of these values, expertise and experience we have to ensure your move will be as smooth as possible.

Check out more about our office relocation services, and be sure to get in contact to discuss how we can support your business.


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