In 2020, Aviva and BMG celebrated six years working together with a new generation partnership which involves both workplace consultancy and moves and changes delivery. Our relationship has evolved significantly since we first started working together in 2013.

Headquartered in London, Aviva operates from 20 major sites across the UK and Ireland including Norwich, Eastleigh, Bristol, Sheffield, York, Glasgow, Perth and Dublin. Aviva wants to create a vibrant, inspiring and flexible workplace that is safe and secure where their people can deliver a seven-star service to their customers.

BMG started by delivering the physical element of the moves when moves and changes were managed by an in-house team. Following a detailed review of Aviva’s moves management structure, we offered Aviva a highly-flexible fully-outsourced model that not only significantly reduced their fixed costs and overheads, but also introduced scope to handle greater quantities of moves, simultaneously, as demand dictated.

In November 2014, the in-house moves team was disbanded and the responsibility for planning, managing and delivering moves was outsourced to BMG. Under the new approach, all moves and changes activity for the whole UK estate came into a central hub supported by on demand regional delivery managers and service teams. The saving on fixed costs for the first year was more than £200,000 while the average move cost per head reduced by 70 per cent with positive customer and client feedback exceeding expectations.

From 2015 to 2018, we supported Aviva through a major change management programme transforming to a digitally-driven organisation. This involved a significant reduction in the property portfolio and the refurbishment of the remaining buildings. The merger with Friends Life during this period led to the further integration of work functions aligned with lease break opportunities on a number of buildings within the office portfolio.

We were able to demonstrate the value of our extensive industry knowledge and experience. We added significant best practice value to Aviva’s Design and Occupancy team with the enormously complex strategic planning and effective sequencing of the works that were so critical to ensuring Aviva colleagues maintained continuity of service to their customers without disruption or distraction. The partnership also started to include space planning, something that had previously been done in-house.

In the lead-up to the Covid-19 pandemic, the team simultaneously planned, mobilised and delivered significant workplace change in Norwich, Perth, Glasgow, York, Sheffield, London and Eastleigh to implement a resilience plan to ensure continuity of customer service across all Aviva business functions.

In a short period, BMG has worked closely with the Aviva Property & Facilities Team to introduce significant culture changes, cost efficiencies and developed much better working behaviours, allowing the relationship to develop from contract supplier to an integrated partnership which will continue until at least 2023.

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