A business relocation is a complicated and intricate process, whether you are moving a whole company or managing a move within a building. Partnering with a specialist service provider can make this daunting task a lot easier.

Corporate moves form an important component of a company’s strategy to adapt and grow in an everchanging business environment. The success of a corporate move is based on meticulous planning and a deep understanding of the needs of every stakeholder.

Key aspects of a company move

A successful company move hinges on a few key factors. Detailed planning is required from the earliest consultation, which can be six months before the move date, through to the post-move wrap up. Clear and regular communication with all stakeholders ensures that everyone is informed and prepared throughout the process.

Flexibility is also essential because unexpected challenges can occur, so a flexible strategy allows for quick adjustments without compromising the plan. At BMG, we deliver specialised services from IT relocations to furniture management to ensure that all elements of a corporate move are addressed.

What to look for in a corporate moves partner


We know that large companies want a consistent look and feel across their estates. Our high-quality service ensures that our clients experience smooth and reliable company moves every time, and that every location receives the same high standard of move.


We integrate seamlessly with our clients’ team to ensure we understand their goals and needs. This approach allows us to provide a customised solution that aligns with their business objectives, whether it’s a one-off project or an ongoing partnership.


Clients know they can count on us. We are a long-standing moves and change management partner for numerous companies because they can rely on us to deliver an outstanding service.

Innovation and best practice

We use the latest technology to offer effect and efficient solutions. For example, AssetLOOK is a digital asset tool that provides a database where you can manage furniture strategically.


Relocations is not a core business function for most companies. We specialise in corporate moves so our clients can focus on their primary operations while leaving the complexities of the move to the experts. Our tap on/tap off approach means you only pay when you need us, which helps to reduce costs, and we offer an end-to-end process using our own in-house resources.


We are committed to sustainability and social value. We work with local suppliers to help support the community grow and our sustainability initiative includes reducing carbon footprints, repurposing redundant furniture and supporting local charities.

National and global support

We have main offices in Reading, Birmingham, Leeds, Warrington and Glasgow, in addition to a network of warehouses and technical distribution teams. This allows us to support clients across the UK and react to urgent requests.

The complexity of a company move is amplified when it involves multiple countries. Business Moves Group is part of Office Moving Alliance, a global network of leading relocation businesses. We have trusted partners across Europe, the USA, Canada and Asia to support global moves.

Why companies choose BMG

For many years, BMG has specialised in corporate moves for companies like Aviva, Allianz, Legal & General and EY, highlighting the consistency and reliability that BMG brings to every project.

These partnerships involve workplaces across the UK and many of them make use of our storage and technical distribution services. We have offices in key regions in England and Scotland, meaning we’re able to react to quick turnaround projects.

Our work with Aviva won a PFM award in 2020 for ‘Partners in Relocation’.

To see more about our partnerships with companies like Aviva, Allianz, Legal & General and EY, view our recent projects.

Support with corporate moves

To find out how BMG can support your corporate move and workplace change projects, get in touch with our regional teams or fill out our quote enquiry form.


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