A business relocation is rarely as simple as moving everything from one location to another. A lot of future office moves will involve downsizing as companies reduce their real estate footprints as part of hybrid working models. Business will need to decide what to do with excess furniture and equipment, so crate moving and storage will be a vital consideration.

Crate moving

Different crates, cages and skates (also known as dollies) are available depending on the equipment that needs to be moved. Purchasing all of these can get expensive, and a benefit of working with an office relocation specialist is that they will have all of these options.

Standard plastic crates are great for a variety of small items that aren’t fragile, such as paperwork and stationery supplies. These are sturdy and easy to stack.

IT crates can come with additional security seals to ensure that valuable equipment remains safe. It’s often easiest to pack one workstation per crate. This avoids equipment being mixed up and makes it easy to unload and set-up in the new location.

We use anti-static bubble wraps for computer monitors that prevent damage caused by electrostatic charges during transport or storage. Whether you handle the packing yourself or with a partner, make sure to plan for IT moving in advance.

Steel roll cages are another option for moving IT equipment. They are very secure, easy to manoeuvre and can store more than a crate. You’ll still need to bubble wrap any equipment to prevent damage, and items can be stored tightly together so nothing is loose and bumping against the cage.

We use a Samson cart which is unique to BMG. It’s a collapsible filing trolley that helps with sequential filing, and crucially, keeps files accessible right up until the move. This is perfect for causing minimal business disruption, and we’ve helped numerous clients move over a weekend with no downtime on the Friday or Monday.

An office relocation can be managed in a very eco-friendly way. If this is a high priority for you, ask prospective relocation partners about their sustainability processes.


Storage is an important factor in an office moves for a few reasons. Some businesses may want to keep hold of furniture or other equipment but don’t have space in their new location. Others may need storage for an interim period while they transition between locations.

It can often be cost-effective to find a relocation partner that offers storage. This can be included as part of the cost and they can often react quickly when an item needs to be moved.

As part of any office move, we run a digital audit and maintain an online inventory of everything in storage. We have a nationwide network of warehouses so items can be stored close to your location and can be delivered quickly after a request is made.

Work with your internal teams and partners prior to a move to determine what you want to store and for how long. This will help with budgeting and may lead to a change of thinking. For example, you may find it preferable to recycle some furniture rather than store it.

We have supported clients all of sizes with their business relocation and storage needs. Get in touch to discuss how we can support your business.


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