This was a huge project. Every weekend for six months, we moved hundreds of staff and dismantled hundreds of bits of furniture. As always with BMG, we finished on time and on budget!

We had six months to:

  • Relocate 4,500 staff
  • Fully clear an 11-floor building in Central London...
  • ...For every item we moved - either store, recycle or install it in other buildings

As you’d expect, the sheer scale of the project was a challenge in itself. We needed to pull lots of strands together, so we could progress things, and complete on time.

To ensure we were as efficient as possible, we:

  • Had weekly meetings with all the different teams
  • Worked very closely with lots of contractors on site
  • Completed furniture audits for all 11 floors
  • Advised the customer what should be stored or recycled, and how best to do both
  • Helped with their filing audits to ensure 100% accuracy

And all this meant we could move upto 600 staff every weekend for months, dismantling upto 600 desks per floor each time.

We delivered on time and under budget. And our customer loved our attention to detail. And our obsession with meeting deadlines!


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