Printing and imaging devices are the one of the most common pieces of specialist equipment that we deliver and install for our clients. We’ve been doing this for more than 20 years and currently deliver and install more than 40,000 devices every year to clients in a range of sectors, including offices, schools, universities, prisons, hospitals and airports.

Professional printer logistics

Our printer services involve much more than simply delivering a printer. We begin with a detailed plan so that our team knows exactly where to deliver the printer, and when – the last thing we want to do is disrupt a busy workplace.

We also make sure to get the full spec of any equipment to be moved. Some printers can weigh as much as 600kg, so we ensure we have the right vehicles, handling equipment and a number of personnel.

We take great care during the transportation of printers as we know that any minor damage can lead to a bigger issue. We give our clients access to a live tracking system so that they can check on our progress. The app also shows them the job and machine information, so they have access to all necessary information throughout the project.

When we arrive at the site, we deliver the printer to its designated location. Once in place, we carry out network connectivity and green button testing to ensure that everything is working as it should be.

Finally, we take the client through an overview and make sure they are fully satisfied before we leave.

Technical distribution expertise

Our skilled teams are constantly improving their set up and installation skills, while we explore ways to complete each project as efficiently as possible. Many of our clients have designated Business Moves Group as their preferred technical distribution partner because of our long track record of excellence.

To find out how Business Moves Group can help your business with technical distribution projects, whether that’s a printer or other piece of specialist equipment, get in touch.


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