Our customer didn’t ask us to find this saving. We initiated it. But, through our planning and execution, we’ve saved them £500,000-£750,000. Every year. For over ten years...

After the banking crash in the late noughties, our customer merged with another large bank. Which meant a massive consolidation programme. Which meant lots of buildings to sell/move. And therefore huge quantities of surplus furniture … as in huge!

They wanted to make the best possible use of all their furniture. And they certainly didn’t want lots of needless recycling, nor the usual store-and-forget approach many companies adopt.

So we worked hard to devise a Furniture Policy for them. We built demand plans, project plans, looked at how they could avoid spending money on new products, and so on.

We had one clear objective: from now on, our customer would never buy an item of new furniture if they had suitable existing furniture they could use instead - even if this meant remodelling, repairing, cleaning or redistributing it.

And our new process changed everything for them. It changed the way they buy. And, by keeping a careful log of stored items, we showed them how we’d help them transform their Re-use Approach. So far, it’s saved them £500,000-£750,000 per year for ten years.

We loved our work on this. Though probably not as much our customer did! After all, they saved £millions, simply through sensible, optimal re-use of literally tons of furniture.


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