We’ve all experienced the annoyance of when someone has moved things around on your work desk and things aren’t where you left them. Even little changes can be stressful as everyone has their own preferred set-up. So imagine how an employee must feel when after an office move their new desk is completely disorganised or things are missing. Or worse, they have loose cables or a dodgy Internet connection!

That’s why IT removals must be a top priority for any project manager in charge of an office move.

Go the extra mile

When planning an office move, or even a workplace change programme that may result in an office redesign, talk to employees to find out their workstation preferences. What is their preferred monitor position? Are they left or right-handed? Do they require two monitors?

Not only will this help to create the optimum set-up for each employee, but they will undoubtably be very happy to be consulted in the first place. It shows that you are considering their needs and that will help get buy-in.

When the times comes to pack everything up, take the chance to clean as you go. Wipe screens, air-jet keyboards and clean mouses. When an employee sits as their new space it will help give the feel or everything being fresh.

Careful transit

IT equipment is fragile so care must be taken in transportation and storage. Antistatic bags can be used to protect electronic equipment, and hard cases should be used as opposed to cardboard boxes.

It may be worth considering GPS tracked cases or vehicles, particularly for more expensive equipment. The extra cost is well worth it for the peace of mind.

Set-up in a new location

Use your employee audit to make sure that each desk is set-up exactly as the individual has specified. When employees come to use their workstation for the first time they will be delighted that they are able to get straight to work.

Cables should be grouped, tied and hidden away. This is aesthetically pleasing, will help avoid any trips and will make it easy for future IT personnel to manage.

Finally, check that everything is connected and address any problems with your IT department.

We are expects in office moves and have specially-designed processes for IT removals. Contact us today to find out how we can support your office and IT relocation.


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