Businesses of all sizes are constantly having to re-evaluate how they make the best use of their resources. That includes space, equipment, and of course, people. Change management is the process that businesses employ to get from a current state to a desired future state.

Now more than ever, change management is right at the top of the agenda. Workplaces will be in a constant state of flux for many months ahead as businesses react to Covid restrictions and the adoption of new working models.

It’s too important a task to be left to people who don’t have the experience to manage the process. That’s why hiring a change management expert is highly recommended for the majority of businesses.

Invaluable expertise

Partnering with a change management expert might not be the best solution for every company. Some might not have the funds; others may be lucky enough to have a change management expert already working within the organisation.

For those without the in-house expertise, hiring a change management expert can be the difference between an average outcome and a great outcome. Often hired in a short-term role, these experts can hit the ground running and be a focal point for the entire project. Their overall remit may include:

  • Identify ROI goals – working with senior leadership to determine what constitutes success and how it will be measured
  • Identify risks – these can include resistance to change from employees, budgets, and timescales
  • Develop a communications strategy – this is fundamental to keeping everyone in the loop, from key stakeholders to individuals within the organisation
  • Develop a workflow vision – agree how workflow will look after the project and assist with training people in preparation
  • Recruit change champions – there are often certain individuals at an organisation who may be great leaders or have a certain gravitas; they make for great champions of the project
  • Post-project support – help ensure that everyone understands the changes, why they have been made and everyone is equipped to operate in the new way

That just scratches the surface of what a project can entail, which is why so many businesses opt for external support.

Choose your level of support

If you can’t bring in a consultant for the entire project, it may still be worth considering hiring someone for certain elements of the process. For example, you may bring someone in to develop a communications plan and engage with employees.

Identify which areas you are better equipped to handle in-house and the areas that you need more support. Whatever capacity you get support with, the difference to the success of the project is noticeable.

We hire experts in all walks of life for help, from mechanics to plumbers. Change management should be no different.

We offer change management services along with our core office relocation services, often in partnership with trusted consultancies – earlier this year we won a PFM award for our work with Aviva.

Get in touch to discuss how we can support your business.


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