Furniture management – the BMG way

TraditionalThe moving company receives the client briefQuote the workAsk the client what furniture they want to keep and what to removeBook a date and carry out the job; furniture to be removed is thrown into landfillMove other furniture to new locationSend invoiceWe visit your site(s) and carry out extensive digital audits to understand your inventory and the condition of each item. A dedicated account manager works with you to discuss the best course of actionWe present a range of options for furniture that may no longer be needed, including refurbishment, recycling, storage and donation. This can often lead to extensive savings, and donations are great for CSRWe can refurbish furniture to a standard that it appears almost as good as newWe work with recycling partners that detail where every part of an item goes, so we know what nothing is going to landfillWe offer competitive storage prices for the furniture you may not be ready to part with quite yetWe work with local and national charities to donate furniture; many clients we work with have their own charitable partnerships that they donate items toWe constantly refer back to our digital audit to keep track of all itemsWe work with the client in advance to discuss where furniture will be locatedWe provide a full CSR and waste management report so you know exactly where your furniture goes, whether it was recycled, refurbished or donatedWe ensure everything is to your satisfactionAgree rebate for furniture sold, then send invoiceBMG Extras

There are numerous charities that can put unwanted office furniture to good use. We work with Business2Schools, a charity that helps improve state school infrastructure throughout the UK.

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For more information about furniture management, read our blog about three ways office furniture can be reused or recycled, and how furniture management can impact business sustainability.

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