Business Moves Group (BMG), the UK’s dedicated office and commercial relocation change management company, is delighted to announce that it has partnered with The Coggin Group.

The Coggin Group provides a range of sustainable office furniture and furnishing solutions that will enable BMG clients to avoid sending any redundant furniture to landfill. The company is based in Preston and is ideally located to support BMG’s branches in Manchester and Leeds.

According to a 2011 report into office furniture by the Waste and Resource Action Programme, approximately 1.2 million office desks and 1.8 million office chairs end up in UK landfill each year. Those numbers have almost certainly increased since then and may continue to do so in the coming years. As we exit the pandemic and companies review their real estate strategies, many may downsize and find they have excess furniture. Refurbishing or recycling can seriously reduce the carbon footprint by avoiding landfill, as well as provide substantial cost savings.

The Coggin Group is a third-generation family-owned business that has been providing sustainable furniture solutions since 1989. The company diverts more than 5,000 items from landfill each year and breaks down furniture into various components before moving them on to businesses that can put them to use. For example, plastics taken from office chairs are used for car parts by a manufacturer in the northwest of England.

Rachel Houghton, managing director at BMG, said: “We strive to the highest standards of sustainability. Not only do we want to avoid sending items to landfill at all costs, but we want to know the end location of each recycled item. That allows us to report back to our customers and confidentially say that their furniture is being dealt with in the most sustainable way possible. The Coggin Group will be a valuable partner in helping us achieve this goal.”

Sam Coggin, company owner and director at The Coggin Group, commented: “It’s easy to pay lip service to sustainability so we look for partners that genuinely care and have a demonstrated track record of sustainable success. Working with Business Moves Group is a natural fit, and we look forward to helping them and their clients achieve their environmental goals.”


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