Downsizing and relocating is a natural part of business. It might be a result of reacting to financial challenges, entering a new market or moving closer to the core client base.

In 2021 a big driver will be in reaction to the new way of working triggered by the pandemic. Many companies will be rethinking their corporate real estate strategies as staff work from home or from flexible satellite offices.

Removals and storage is a vital aspect of any office move. Office removals are much more complex than moving to a new house with much more to consider, including IT, sensitive material and surplus furniture. When companies downsize, for example, they are often left with excess furniture that needs to be put into storage.

Removals and storage should be managed in a sustainable and cost-effective way that ensures minimum disruption to a company and its employees.


An office relocation is a complex process that involves communication, planning structure and project management. It pays to work with a professional office relocation company for the knowledge that the move will be managed by experts.

The research and tender process is your opportunity to find a partner that meets your needs. Ask about accreditations and references to ensure that each bidder can back up their claims.

If you’ll be discarding furniture or other items, ask about the sustainable practices of each removal company. There are numerous options instead of sending something straight to landfill, including donating items to charity. Not only will this reduce your carbon footprint, but it’s great for your CSR report.

When it comes to cost, the cheapest isn’t always the most cost-effective. A professional office relocation company may cost more than a run-of-the-mill moving company, but that cost will be paid back many times over in the quality of service and the end result.


Lots of businesses opt for storage in case they will be upsizing or relocating again in the future. The tricky part can be deciding what needs to go to the new location, what should be put into storage, and what can be recycled or donated.

Professional relocation companies should be able to offer expertise in storage solutions. This includes a thorough audit, collection dates that cause minimal disruption to the business, an online inventory of everything in storage, and expert counsel throughout.

These solutions can be cost-effective as relocation companies operate storage for a number of clients, allowing them to pass on those savings.

Plan ahead

Many businesses are understandably waiting until the pandemic has passed before making any major decisions about real estate. However, it’s worth starting research ahead of time so that when the time does come to relocate or downsize you’ll have a number of relocation partners in mind.

BMG offers relocation and storage services in London and the south east, the midlands, the north west, the north east and Scotland. Contact us to find out how we can support your office move.


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