We had to move 800 staff. With three hours’ notice. With absolute discretion. Oh, and just a few days before Christmas…

Now this one was a challenge! How to move so many people, in so little time, as part of a highly sensitive, confidential project?

The customer (one of the UK’s largest banking institutions) needed us to display absolute discretion, flexibility and use excellent logistics skills to deliver their large-scale, short-notice project.

But it was more than that. Both the customer and we needed a large element of trust. Neither of us knew the size and scale of this project – it was one of those you couldn’t even guess! But they trusted that we would overcome whatever obstacles appeared, and deliver within their timelines.

And this trickiest of challenges led to the happiest of endings. The customer’s Project Manager was over the moon that we’d taken a complete nightmare away from him. Better still: every stakeholder was delighted with what we’d done.

We loved the fact that we stayed likeable and customer-delighting! Pressure like this doesn’t make us work in an unlikeable way. In fact, it’s the opposite: we work in a way that makes others want to work with us.

This move worked so well because of three things:

  • Brilliant teamwork – we all did our bit, to make this work as well and quickly as possible
  • Brilliant communication - it was phenomenal throughout - between us, the customer, other contractors, ... everyone
  • Brilliant resources – we always build capacity into how we set-up. So we had the right resources, with an experienced team, to call on

We were left feeling huge pride in our teams. They did a phenomenal job under highly pressurised circumstances - just days before Christmas.


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