We used our experience and technology to massively improve every aspect of this customer’s move – by doing something they didn’t expect or ask for

This customer - a successful, growing transport infrastructure company – weren’t looking for this service from us. They just thought they wanted us to project manage and plan their moves

But we saw that we could improve things for this, by using our market-leading CAD and space planning tech.

We explained to them how it worked, and the benefits to them of us using it. This took a weight off them. And it delivered massive improvements:

  • Cheaper – we better understood their furniture needs, standards and requirements. This meant we could help them re-use furniture between sites
  • Faster – they got a much swifter turnaround on drawing changes – this saved them days
  • Better – it gave us better knowledge of their buildings, so we could develop better solutions, more quickly
  • Simpler - they had one point of contact, rather than bringing space planners on board and having to ensure all stakeholders were sharing relevant information
  • 'All in' – we could do everything this customer wanted; whereas some moving companies would only have been able to do 1-2 bits of it
  • Beauty – as we went through the project, we tidied up drawings too. So they became better quality as things progressed
  • Love – the customer loved that we had delivered all this – something they didn’t know existed – that changed how they thought about moving and growing their business


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