Office moves can happen for a number of reasons. Some businesses outgrow their space. Others may move to be closer to clients or enter new markets.

We’re likely to see a lot of office moves in the years following the pandemic as companies react to the new way of working. Many will be considering their corporate real estate footprint and implementing hybrid work models, which could result in downsizing and / or relocating.

Office moves will at the very least require a company to physically move things, but that’s only one small part of the process. That’s why many choose to work with a specialist partner. Here are the top five reasons why you should work with an office relocation company.

  1. Office moves expertise

An office move is a huge undertaking for any business, regardless of size. There are numerous factors to consider, from furniture and IT transportation to communicating with employees during each step. Working with a specialist can provide invaluable peace of mind that the whole process is under control and being project managed by a team with vast experience.

  1. Take the pressure off internal staff

Some companies try to manage the move process themselves and designate one or more staff to handle the process. Often these employees do not have experience in managing a move and are being asked to carry out the project on top of their usual responsibilities. Even those companies with a dedicated move manager can often benefit from the expertise that a specialist partner can bring. Either way, they can take the pressure off by handling at least some parts of the move.

  1. Cost-effective

A specialist office move partner is probably going to cost more than a standard removal company. But you get what you pay for. Where a moving company will simply transport your equipment and furniture from A to B, a specialist partner will generally offer a whole host of other services, such as project management, digital audits, furniture refurbishment, IT management and storage. The extra outlay can be paid back many times over by ensuring the move goes as smoothly as possible.

  1. Minimal business disruption

Office moves must be carefully planned to cause minimum downtime for a company. For that reason the physical move often takes place over a weekend. But what if a vital piece of equipment is damaged or delayed in being delivered. Or IT faults prevent staff from being able to use their computers in the first day at the new office? A specialist partner can both prevent these issues from becoming problematic and deal with any as soon as they arise, causing minimum disruption to your business, your clients and your customers.

  1. Happy and productive employees

An office move can be an uncertain time for employees. Communication is key, and that doesn’t just mean telling employees what is happening. Surveying employees about their workplace set up and preferences will allow you to have their workstation ready to go when they arrive at the new office. This helps create buy in and excitement for a move, all of which helps with happiness and productivity.

An office move should be an exciting time for all involved and working with a specialist can remove a lot of the stress that comes with a move. We offer a range of office relocation services to support companies with their workplace change. Get in touch to discuss how we can support your business.


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