The move process – the BMG way

TraditionalBMG ExtrasThe moving company receives client briefWe meet with you and discuss in-depth your needs and the project details. We then begin planning. A BMG account manager will work with you throughout your projectWe work with you throughout the project, meeting stakeholders regularly to ensure (1) we fully understand your requirements and vision, and (2) you are fully briefed on your methodology and how we’ll deliver your projectWe review your furniture requirements. We then plan what’s needed in both your go-from and go-to areasWe issue simple-to-complete forms to your colleagues, which we then use to capture all their move need and IT detailsWe fully assess your filing needs, completing filing audits if requiredIf you need furniture installations / reconfigurations, we do these at the most suitable time for youPre-move prep: we label your IT, your filing (if required), walk the course, give out move instructions, and ensure everyone knows what will happen during each phasePost-move support starts the first working morning after each phase. This reassures staff, and helps them settle in their new environmentWe ensure everything is to your satisfactionCustomer sign-off of our satisfaction documentQuote the work. Receive the PO. Book the phases of workDo some preparation planning, and proceed to deliverH&S documentation and crew names issued to clientCrate delivery (if required) three days before each phasePhases commencePhases completeCrate collectionSend invoice

We support businesses across the UK from numerous sectors with office and workplace relocations, including finance, legal, tech & comms, education, healthcare, utilities, insurance, public sector and corporate real estate.

Relocations often include the need for furniture management or storage solutions, both services that we can help with. Check out our full suite of services and who to contact for your local BMG location.

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